GTA 6: Rockstar Games’ Plans For The Much Awaited Game Leaked By Insider

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A prominent GTA 6 leaker has revealed some new information pertaining to the game that could give fans some idea of what to expect from it.

In the recent past, one has come across a plethora of rumors suggesting that an official reveal of Grand Theft Auto 6 is scheduled to take place soon. While there has been a lot of discussion about it in the online gaming community, it was the kind of information that lacked substance. Now, a Rockstar Games leaker and insider has shared an update that might give fans some clarity about it.

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Till now, the gaming publisher has refrained from addressing the aforementioned rumors. However, the most recent leak states that Rockstar is planning to share some important updates about GTA 6 with the players in an innovative manner.

Matheusvictorbr-, a prominent gaming data leaker, shared a tweet on March 20 claiming that Rockstar Games will be making a new announcement about GTA 6 soon. Though the Tweet was written in Portuguese, one had the option of translating it into English.

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As per Matheusvictorbr-, Rockstar Games will be issuing a fresh statement about the development process of GTA 6 soon. Matheusvictorbr- also made a mention of the ‘last step’ which involves Rockstar making a formal announcement about the game when it goes through its last leg of development.

In another Tweet, the popular GTA leaker spoke about a new form that will be used by Rockstar to make the announcement. If we analyze the claims made by Matheusvictorbr-, it seems Rockstar will take a unique approach to make this particular announcement, but ensure the update is shared at a pre-determined time. A couple of days back, leaker Tez2 had also stated that there is a possibility of Rockstar sharing some new information about GTA 6 in the month of June or July.

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