GTA Online Summer Update 2024: Rockstar Games Shares Key Details

GTA Online Summer Update 2024

Fans now have some idea about the new missions, vehicle upgrades and businesses this update will bring to the fore!

GTA fans had been waiting with bated breath to get some information about the GTA Online Summer Update 2024. Through a Newswire post shared on its official website, Rockstar officially announced the introduction of a new bail enforcement and bounty hunting business. The gaming studio also confirmed that there will be additional patchwork done for Vincent Effenburger, which happens to be a character involved in the Clucking Bell Farm Raid heist.

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There are several other reasons why fans should keep an eye out for this update. The update shall increase the payout for many jobs that already exist. It will also introduce new vehicles and upgrade the Creator mode in multiplayer. Once these improvements and enhancements come into the picture, players will have a more enjoyable time playing the game.

According to Rockstar Games, the GTA Online Summer Update 2024 will revolve around themes of vigilant justice. The inclusion of a new bail enforcement and bounty business should greatly appeal to players. The return of Vincent Effenburger will lead to players having access to off-the-books dispatch work in Los Santos. In the Newswire post, Rockstar Diversions stated that “Vincent needs to offer assistance upholding his specialist without official oversight – get behind the wheel of your souped-up Cruiser and conduct an extend of off-the-books requirement exercises over Los Santos”.

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This update will bring in several new tools into the game which will enable players to put together customized Drag Races and Drift Races. These tools will be accessible next month once the update goes live. Among other things, this update will give creators the opportunity to launch tests from any given checkpoint and go through multiple rounds in Drag Races.

When you participate in different jobs like Open Wheel Races, Taxi Work and Operation Paper Trail, you will see a noticeable enhancement in payouts. Players would also see an increase in the Sell Mission timer for solo players in Biker and Gun Running business sales.

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