GTA Online Insider Alerts Players Could Lose Their Account

gta insider

As per a recently compiled report by an insider, there is a risk of GTA Online players losing their accounts while playing the game!

Tez2, a GTA insider has put together a report which details a new security issue pertaining to GTA Online.

According to the report, GTA Online players should refrain from playing the game until Rockstar Games resolves this problem. This issue, as per the insider, is only limited to PC users. The ones, who are playing the game on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S or Xbox Series X, will not have to worry about it.

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Tez2 took to Twitter to announce that PC players are under attack by hackers. He stated that these exploits are ‘extreme’ in nature and further informed that cheaters now have the opportunity to remotely add, eliminate and modify several important details pertaining to players including their statistics.

Cheaters, according to Tez2, also have the authority to corrupt players’ accounts to the extent that they are left with no option but to delete them. For the time being, Tez2 has recommended that GTA Online players should either install a firewall before playing the game or stay away from GTA Online for a while.

If what Tez2 has stated is true, this is a very serious security issue that needs to be resolved quickly. Once the account of a player gets deleted, they might get very skeptical about playing the game again. They might not create an account again and drop the idea of coming back to play the game. To ensure that GTA Online does not witness a decline in its player base, Rockstar should take some immediate steps to resolve this issue.

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In the past, there have been a few instances when GTA Online was plagued with security issues. It has often been said that these issues tend to crop up frequently during the holiday season as this is the time when several developers are on a break from work. Rockstar hasn’t acknowledged this issue as yet. However, one is hopeful that it will take note of it soon.

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