GTA Online Adds Taxi Business Feature In The Game

GTA Online Update

The taxi business feature, which GTA Online players had been waiting for a long time, has finally been introduced in the game!

Rockstar Games has been adding new updates and features to Grand Theft Auto Online quite regularly and that has been one of the reasons behind the game going from strength to strength with time.

What’s worth mentioning is the fact that Rockstar puts a lot of thought behind designing these updates and features. Now, it has made fans further happy by introducing a taxi business facility in the game.

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Despite Rockstar Games being busy with the development process of GTA 6, it still makes time to ensure that GTA Online gets updated with fresh content and the expectations players have from it are met. The player base for GTA Online has grown bigger with time and Rockstar deserves credit for taking a lot of important steps towards making this happen.

The new taxi business feature has given players another strong reason to keep playing GTA Online. Players can use this taxi business by buying a cab from a company named Warstock Cache & Carry. There is also the option to go to the Downtown Cab Co. depot which is located on Tangerine Street in East Vinewood.

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Those who use consoles like PS5 and Xbox Series X|S also have the option of fast traveling in the game. When you use your phone to reach out to Downtown Cab Co., you can finalize a particular location and fast-travel there immediately. These trips can be availed for free by those who have subscribed to GTA+.

Though the taxi business feature has just been introduced, one is quite certain about the fact that it is something that will appeal to all kinds of users. Using this feature, you can do a variety of things including earning a decent amount of money and engaging in roleplay activities.

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