The Elder Scrolls Online All Set To Include New Playable Class

Elder Scrolls Online

During the Developer_Direct presentation, Xbox officially revealed the next expansion of The Elder Scrolls Online along with a new class.

ZeniMax Online Studios, the developing company behind The Elder Scrolls Online, has officially revealed the next chapter of the game.

While this would have been enough to please the fans, the gaming studio went a step further and introduced a new playable class that shall be launched soon. Necrom has been finalized as the title for the new chapter. For the uninitiated, Necrom happens to be a city that is closer to eastern Morrowing and one that was not explored in The Elder Scrolls 3.

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With the Necom DLC, The Elder Scrolls Online players will get the chance to lock horns with a Daedric Prince that had earlier featured in Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim. They will also get to fight several other evil forces including Hermaeus Mora.

The addition of a new class in The Elder Scrolls Online makes a lot of news as one is not used to seeing new classes being added to the game at regular intervals. Ever since the game was launched, only two classes have been added to it. While The Warden was released in the year 2017 along with the Morrowind chapter, players witnessed the inclusion of the Elsweyr chapter’s Necromancer in the game in 2019. There are several complexities involved in adding a new class to the game. That is, perhaps, the reason why ZeniMax hasn’t launched too many of them.

The new class, which will be announcing its arrival on The Elder Scrolls Online very soon, will be an integral component of the Necrom expansion. It has been titled the Arcanist and should open up a world of ‘forbidden magic’ for the players. Apart from using it for defense, the Arcanist can also be utilized by the players for other purposes like support and offense. One of the things players can look forward to with the Arcanist is a novel combo point system that will give players the opportunity to channelize their abilities towards launching strong spells or attacks.

In a bid to get a larger number of players on board, ZeniMax has rolled out a lucrative offer for those who have bought The Elder Scrolls Online recently. All the DLC offered by MMO, barring High Isle and Necrom that shall be released soon, and will be available for players at zero cost for a particular time period. This implies that many of the major DLCs including Summerset, Morrowind, Blackwood, Elsweyr, and Greymoore have been unlocked.

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While this particular update about The Elder Scrolls should make fans happy, it comes close on the heels of a piece of information that created quite a stir in the game’s online community. Recently, Microsoft laid off around 10,000 employees and some of these were professionals who were a part of the development team of the Elder Scrolls Online. The kind of effect it will have on the game is something we will get to see in the days to come.

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