GTA 6 To Feature Patented Technology To Offer An Immersive Experience To Gamers

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Take-Two Interactive and Rockstar Games are leaving no stone unturned to ensure GTA 6 provides gamers with a memorable gaming experience!

At the moment, no other game is enjoying the kind of hype that Grand Theft Auto 6 is carrying. With it being the sixth installment in the GTA franchise and GTA 5 emerging as one of the most successful gaming titles of all time, everybody is expecting a lot from GTA 6.

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Take-Two Interactive, the parent company of Rockstar Games, has been doing a lot of interesting things to ensure the finished product lives up to the expectations fans have of it. The company recently patented a locomotive technology to enhance the gaming experience players would have while trying out GTA 6. This particular piece of information has been shared by Reddit user u/Tobbelobben30. After this piece of information came to the fore, fans have gone berserk and their expectations, perhaps, are now much higher from the game.

The patent has been titled ‘System and Method for Virtual Character Locomotion’ and has been put together by Tobias Kleanthous, who served as an AI, gameplay and animation expert with Rockstar Games a while back. Kleanthous, who worked with Rockstar from 2014 to 2021, found a mention in the infamous GTA 6 leaks. Kleanthous has had a reputation for being very good at his work and playing a key role in building a high-end animation control system. This particular system enabled characters to move around in a realistic manner.

This Take-Two Patent About GTA 6 Hints Towards Highly Dynamic and Realistic Animations
byu/Tobbelobben30 inGTA6

While a lot of innovative technologies have been incorporated into the GTA games in the past, the aforementioned technology deals with character animations in a rather interesting manner. Unlike many other technologies introduced in the past, System and Method for Virtual Character Locomotion does not use pre-designed animations to put together in-game scenarios. This technology uses a bunch of building blocks that are interchangeable in nature.

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When these blocks are put together, they have the ability to produce a plethora of movements and accustom themselves to different types of situations like fatigue, injuries and braving the rain. According to u/Tobbelobben30, the team has put together a library of small building blocks designed to facilitate character movements.

This technology is expected to play a very important role in providing GTA 6 players with a gaming experience that will make them wish to come back for more. Characters will now be seen adjusting to their external environment very smoothly.

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