World of Warcraft Glitch Gets Discovered By Fans

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This rather unusual World of Warcraft glitch makes players ride on huge dragons!

A World of Warcraft glitch has been discovered in the game by observant fans. This glitch enables fans to give a massive shape to their Dragonriding mounts. This particular bug can be replicated very easily and gives players the opportunity to ride mounts that are as big as the dragons in the game.

At the moment, World of Warcraft is producing an in-game event to commemorate the tenth anniversary of Hearthstone. To ensure the areas marked for the event do not get extremely crowded, certain restrictions have been imposed on the arenas. Every time a player enters the area, they get dismounted.

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Some World of Warcraft players have discovered a visual glitch that is associated with the aforementioned mount-restricted arenas. After stepping into the area and getting on a Dragonriding mount, the character exits the arena and gets on a normal mount. When they do this, the size of the mount increases significantly. While the magnitude of the growth depends on the mounts that are used, fans have stumbled upon some combinations that enable them to create their World of Warcraft dragons as big as Stormwind.

Players must keep in mind that this World of Warcraft glitch results in some Dragonriding mount growing bigger than the others. The growth jumps offered by different mounts could differ greatly. Interestingly, certain combinations produce a completely different result. They lead to Dragonriding mounts shrinking in size. With the help of certain consumables, temporary mounts and toys, players have managed to put together extremely comical sights.

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The aforementioned bug has a direct connection with the Hearthstone anniversary event in World of Warcraft. Since it does not have a presence in other mount-restricted areas, players will not have to go through the process of riding the giant dragons everywhere.

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