GTA 6 Might Not Feature Dedicated Online Servers

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There are certain rumors about GTA 6 that get fans concerned about how the game would turn out to be.

If the recent reports are to be believed, the multiplayer mode of GTA 6 will not feature dedicated online servers. Tez2, one of the most active GTA insiders, recently stated that Rockstar Games and Take-Two Interactive have said no to a proposal for the implementation of a dedicated server. For a very long time, players have been writing elaborate posts on how they would want to see a dedicated server in the game.

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While Rockstar Games never confirmed that GTA 6 will have a multiplayer mode, the infamous September 2022 leaks made it evident that it is being developed. The leaks led to players expecting GTA 6 to offer them an immersive experience with its multiplayer mode.

Tez2 has played an important role in shaping the discussions pertaining to GTA 6’s multiplayer mode. On May 30, 2023, the insider posted a rather interesting comment on GTAForums. The insider confidently asserted that a proposal for a dedicated server, that was put forward a couple of years ago, was rejected by Take-Two Interactive.

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As per Tez2, the gaming company found the process of operating dedicated online servers to be ‘cost-prohibitive’. While there was not much clarity around the game for which this decision was made, many arrived at the conclusion that GTA Online was at the center of it.

GTA 6 Tez2

Tez2 further stated that players might encounter some ‘foul activities’ in the multiplayer mode of GTA Online. The gaming studio, however, has taken some effective steps to control these violations and that should reflect in the game.


Spider-Vice, another prominent GTA insider, has spoken about how the GTA 5 multiplayer mode works on a hybrid P2P framework. He further stated that the gaming company has used this model very successfully so far for a bunch of activities like transaction processing and player matching.

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