GTA 6 New Leak Confirms The Inclusion of Fan-Requested Gameplay Feature

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A recent leak confirms that a particular gameplay feature, which GTA fans have been wanting to see for long, will be a part of GTA 6!

While fans keep waiting for Rockstar Games to make an official announcement about Grand Theft Auto 6, the gaming studio continues to remain mum about it. In early 2022, Rockstar did confirm that it was working on the next iteration of the GTA franchise but it did not divulge any more details about it. It has been more than a year since that confirmation came along and one is still waiting for Rockstar to share some updates about the game in official capacity.

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Leakers and insiders, meanwhile, have kept the buzz around the game alive while sharing unconfirmed updates, information and other material on a regular basis. In September 2022, a massive GTA 6 leak occurred and it offered gamers a glimpse into an early build of the game.

After a while, fans came across a huge document that contained a large amount of information about the leaks and how one should read them. Through this document, fans got to know about some crucial details pertaining to GTA 6 including the possible setting of the game.

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This document, among other things, made fans aware of the fact that the next iteration in the GTA franchise will feature a larger number of enterable buildings than any other game released in the franchise. While one came across only a few locations through this leaked footage, it gave one an idea about the kind of exploration opportunities players will have with the game.

GTA 6 Building leaks

The presence of these enterable buildings will have a direct impact on thefts and robberies taking place in the game. The leak also suggests that along with the conventional GTA locations like clubs, bars, strip clubs and restaurants, GTA 6 will also feature several new locations in the form of supermarkets, pawn shops, laundries and apartments. The game is also likely to feature a new option that will enable players to loot vehicles.

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