GTA 6: New ‘Teaser’ Shared By Rockstar Games Gets Fans Curious

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A new graphic, uploaded by Rockstar Games on the occasion of GTA 5’s 10th anniversary, seems to have a hint about GTA 6 in it!

Ever since Rockstar Games made an official announcement about it developing the next iteration in the GTA franchise in February 2022, fans have been waiting for the gaming studio to share some important updates about the game. While Rockstar decided to remain quiet about the game, leakers and insiders kept fans busy with rumors and other unconfirmed material pertaining to the game.

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Whenever Rockstar releases a teaser for GTA 6, fans are bound to go crazy with excitement. The longer the wait, the wider will be the smile on their faces. Several GTA fans were expecting an official announcement about GTA 6 to be made this month. This is, after all, the month when GTA 6 completes a decade since it was first launched. However, to the disappointment of fans, Rockstar didn’t make any announcement about GTA 6.

The leaks, that happened last year, gave GTA 6 fans a lot to ponder. With the help of the material that has come to the fore as a result of this leak, GTA 6 fans have created a map that has more than a hundred locations that players can explore.

In the recent past, many leakers have come up with the kind of information that has helped players construct their expectations of GTA 6 in their heads. According to a leaker, GTA 6 will be high on criminal activities and there will be a lot of focus on witness intimidation and money laundering this time around.

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A recent social media post by Rockstar caused a stir amongst fans. While some thought it to be a teaser of GTA 6, some believed it to be a generic social media post. A fan account, which identifies itself as GTAVI_Countdown, brought one’s attention to the ‘tease’ in this post.

Rockstar took to Instagram to post a graphic related to GTA 5 on the occasion of the game’s 10th anniversary. While having a look at this graphic, fans spotted a few interesting things. There was an interesting difference between the original and the updated graphic posted by Rockstar. In the updated version, one can see a telephone pole put up in the form of a ‘VI’ and a plane moving towards it. While the original graphic had a plane, it was moving in another direction.

The updated graphic has piqued the curiosity of some fans and now, they are hoping for Rockstar to share some important updates about GTA 6 soon. Even if an official reveal doesn’t happen, fans would be happy to hear something about the game from its creators.

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