GTA 6 Official Reveal Might Happen In Summer 2023


If recent rumors turn out to be true, fans wouldn’t have to wait too long for an official reveal of GTA 6 to take place.

Last year, in February, Rockstar Games made an announcement about the next game in the GTA series being developed. However, since then, the gaming publisher hasn’t shared any update on the game. A rumor, which has come to the fore recently, suggests that Grand Theft Auto 6 might be officially revealed this summer.

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Tez2, a prominent Rockstar Games insider who is responsible for many of the important GTA 6 news breaks that happened over the last few months, has suggested that there is a strong chance of the much-awaited game being revealed sometime this summer. Recently, a GTA Forum member posed a question about the probable announcement date for the game. Replying to this query, Tez2 stated that Rockstar might make an official announcement about the game and reveal it before July or August.

Tez 2

In the past, Tez2 had shared several predictions pertaining to GTA 6. How accurate these predictions are is something one will get to know when the game comes out. A while back, he had made a prediction about the release date of the game. As per Tez2, the developers at Rockstar Games were hoping to get the game ready for release by holidays 2024. However, there have been many reports suggesting that there has been a delay in the overall development process of GTA 6 and there is little chance of the game releasing before 2025.

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While there is no way to confirm the prediction Tez2 has made now, many fans are bound to get a little excited by it. The reason behind it is simply the fact that Tez2 has quite a solid reputation. In the last few years, many of his claims and predictions pertaining to games spawned by Rockstar Games had turned out to be accurate.

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