Rockstar’s Immediate Plans For GTA 6 Supposedly Revealed By Leaked Teaser and Trailer


Fans, who had been waiting to get some idea about Rockstar Games’ strategy for GTA 6, have received some important information to chew on!

Despite fans being extremely eager to get some new information about the development process of Grand Theft Auto 6, Rockstar Games has largely been silent about it. While there have been multiple leaks and rumors surrounding the game, a handful of information shared by leakers and insiders has been taken seriously by fans. Now, a prominent YouTuber and insider has revealed some information about the kind of plans Rockstar has for the game.

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The official reveal of GTA 6 is being keenly looked forward to by fans. Whenever it happens, it will be one of the most important events in the gaming industry. Fans had been sharing posts about GTA 6 on various platforms and requesting Rockstar to share a GTA 6 teaser or trailer for the game. Through a recent leak, fans have stumbled upon some important details that give them some idea about the trailer’s setup.

SanInPlay, who goes by the Twitter handle @DjSan, is a prominent gaming YouTuber. On January 10, 2023, he posted a tweet that revealed a bunch of interesting information about the arrival of a GTA 6 trailer. He had originally tweeted in Portuguese. When translated into English, this is what the text says – “Plane passes, lizard crossing the street, Lucia in prison exercising, dogs playing, little doggy rolling on ocean beach”.

The YouTuber went on to talk about different elements pertaining to the trailer. As per the YouTuber, Lucia, who is said to be the female protagonist in the game, would be shown exercising inside a prison in the trailer.

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Though the YouTuber didn’t share the location of the prison, they mentioned a few other things that would be a part of the trailer including a lizard moving through a street, a gorgeous beach with a tropical setting and the visuals of a plane. While some would think of these elements as random imagination, many players would take it seriously owing to the fact that SanInPlay has been quite accurate with their predictions in the past.

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