GTA 6 Online Gameplay: New Information Revealed By Leaker

GTA 6 online Gameplay

As per an X user, GTA 6 Online will offer several interesting features for players to explore.  

Grand Theft Auto 6 is expected to release sometime next year. The first trailer of the game, which was launched in December last year, took the internet by storm and got the gaming community further excited about it. While the trailer gave fans some idea about what they should expect from the game, fans are curious to know more about it.

Though Rockstar Games is well aware of the hype surrounding GTA 6, it does not want to reveal too much about the game before it comes out. Though fans continue to reach out to the people working for the gaming studio and keep making online petitions to divulge more information about the game, Rockstar has maintained its stance of not sharing a lot of details about it.

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Rockstar has been quite concerned about safeguarding the information and details pertaining to GTA 6. There have been, after all, multiple leaks in the past. The infamous 2022 leaks resulted in 90 gameplay videos from the game being out in the public forum. To ensure such incidents do not happen in the future, Rockstar has tightened the security measures around the development process of GTA 6.

Recently, an X user, who identifies themselves as InfinityBesk, shared a video that gave some interesting information on GTA 6 Online gameplay. As per the leaked video, which has now been deleted, GTA 6 Online might allow as many as 32 players to participate in a session at any given point in time. The maximum number of players in GTA Online is 30. If this information turns out to be true, fans would be expecting a lot from GTA 6 Online as well.

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When InfinityBesk shared the leaked video a while back, they also spoke about the path that led to them discovering it. As per the leaker, they were digging deep into the GTA 6 leaks a while back. The leaker was hoping to find something new from these leaks. Through this search, they stumbled upon the first GTA 6 Online footage that most fans had missed out on noticing.

The GTA 6 Online gameplay, brought to the fore by the X user, also showcased another interesting feature that would enable a player to pick another player’s body and carry them on their shoulder. In GTA Online, this particular feature was brought in through a mod.

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