The Sims 4 Update Released Before New DLC Launch

the sims 4 backyard

Maxis Studios is known for releasing a detailed patch for the popular The Sims 4 game just days before it launches the next DLC pack for the game.

There has been no exception this time around and a new update has been made available for players from just a day ago.

The latest update patch is now available for download. It incorporates close to two dozen fixes for various bugs and other issues in the game. The patch also aims at making refinements to the hit life sim. The update is available on PC platforms with the version number On the other hand, the version number for the update patch on the Mac platform is For console users, the update is available with the version number 1.91.

Fixes Addressed by the Update Patch

Healthy and alive plants will not emit green stink clouds any longer like they were dead. A Sim’s power will not get shut off unexpectedly when its bills are paid fully after regulations with the Landgraab Power Company are enforced.

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Gamers opting for languages other than English will not have blank first and last panels in CAS if the Sims have selected pronouns. When group cooking is in progress, all Sims can engage in the activity.

Other fixes resolved by the update patch are gallery server changes, high school years bug fixes, eco lifestyle bug fixes, and horse ranch bug fixes. For rent, crystal creations, werewolves, realm of magic, and grunge revival are some other bug fixes that have been addressed by the update patch.

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This update patch was rolled out a couple of days before the Party Essentials Kits and The Sims 4 Urban Package DLC packs are scheduled to be released. Addressing several bugs, the game promises to be more enjoyable than before.

Ever since the game started hitting digital stores as well as the shelves of physical stores in 2014, players have received over 60 smaller DLC packs and 15 expansions. In all cases, the bug-fixing update patches have arrived before the DLC contents.

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