GTA 6 Pre-Order Price: Here’s How Much You Need To Pay To Pre-Order It

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While no information regarding the pre-order price for GTA 6 has been shared by Rockstar Games in this regard, past pricing trends offer some hints.

The first official trailer of Grand Theft Auto 6 was launched in December last year. Among other things, the trailer made it clear that the game will not be out before 2025. Though one has heard about the release getting postponed further, Rockstar Games has not commented on it yet.

Though there is a lot of time for the game to release, fans are already thinking about when they expect to place GTA 6 pre-order and what the price would be. Rockstar has not given any clarification on it but if one takes into account some of the information that has come to the fore till now, one gets some idea about when the game will be up for pre-order and the price at which it will be made available. Analyzing the release pattern of the older games in the series could also help in this regard.

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When the pre-orders for GTA 5 opened, people got the opportunity to choose from three different editions. These editions were called the Standard Edition, Special Edition and Collector’s Edition. While the Standard Edition featured the game, a map and an elaborate manual, the Special Edition came equipped with the game, a bunch of in-game digital items, a blueprint map and a steel book. The Collector’s Edition, along with the game, offered several digital items, a Los Santos cap and a security bag.

When Red Dead Redemption 2, another game by Rockstar was put up for pre-order, fans could choose from a special edition, an ultimate edition and a collector’s edition. Rockstar seems to have benefited well from this strategy of pre-releasing different variants of a game and giving fans the option to choose. When GTA 6 is put up for pre-order, fans can expect to get similar options.

While GTA 5 was launched on 17 September 2013, the game was available to be pre-ordered by Xbox and PlayStation 3 players by November 2012. The game was put up for pre-order almost a year before it was scheduled to be released. If Rockstar indeed has plans to launch GTA 5 in 2025, the GTA 6 pre-orders should start in the final months of this year.

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Fans have also been very curious about the price tag at which GTA 6 will be made available. Upon their launch, the two editions of GTA 5 were priced at $59.99 and $69.99 respectively. When the game was launched on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, the pricing remained the same. On Xbox Series X/S editions and PlayStation 5, the game was priced at $70.

If one goes by the pricing strategies and trends Rockstar has adhered to in the past, one should expect GTA 6 to be offered at an initial price of $69.99. The special editions could be priced $10 more or so. A Special Edition, therefore, could cost $79.99 and an Ultimate Edition might be priced at $89.99. If the gaming industry witnesses some financial fluctuations in the near future, there could be a marginal increase or decrease in the prices.

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