Street Fighter 6 Open Beta Coming Back Again This Month

Street Fighter 6

Street Fighter 6 open beta is a sight to behold because you can enjoy the game’s enhanced new fighting techniques and also get the opportunity to revisit the characters that were already made available in the previous beta.

The developers have already spent time in launching two different closed beta testing. They were made available only for those who pre-ordered the game. Making it available to everyone before the official launch is the right way to go which is what Capcom has announced this time. In order to make it easier for players to get a gist of the game, they have introduced a demo that should be fairly open and allow players to choose from a range of available characters to play in limited environments.

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The official announcement regarding Street Fighter 6 open beta was made on Twitter. Capcom wanted everyone to know that they have been listening to their audience and decided to throw one more beta for the crowd. The game is scheduled for an official launch on Jun 2. With just weeks to go, it is super exciting to know that you will be able to fight as Ryu and Ken again.

New Open Beta in the Making

The last one took place in the month of December between 16 and 19. All the content from the second closed beta test and Battle Hub will be available yet again. The online lobby where you could actually customize your players before going online to find new players will be open and it will obviously be crowded, considering the fact that the game has such a massive fan following. There are in-game cabinets as well, where you can play the classic version of the game.

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The official list of characters has also been released which includes,

  • Chun-Li, Ryu, Ken
  • Guile, Juri, Luke
  • Kimberly, Jamie

Street Fighter 6 open beta is scheduled for 19th May to 21st May. The game will officially be available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, S, PS4 and PC on 2nd June. The beta will also be available on all platforms.

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