The Sims 5: An In-Game Royal Family Can Be Put Together By Getting Back Two Characters

The Sims 5

In The Sims 5, there is an opportunity for a royal family to be created. However, to make that happen, a pair of siblings have to be brought back into the game.

One of the things that have contributed to The Sims is the presence of some interesting families in the game. While some of the pre-made families like the Goths continue to be popular, The Sims 3 introduced the players to a bunch of new families. In The Sims 5, there is a scope for the dynamics of these families to be explored elaborately. As far as new pre-made families are concerned, the Winchesters have shown a lot of promise. The family comprises a pair of siblings who are based in Midnight Hallow and have several layers to their personalities.

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These siblings are Cedrick and Odessa who have made an appearance in Midnight Hollow. For the uninitiated, Midnight Hollow is a world that can be found on The Sims 3 store. This world, interestingly, belongs to the same space as the vintage monochrome horror movies. There is nothing normal about the siblings and that is something you realize as soon as you come across them.

According to the family bio of the siblings, they hail from a royal lineage. A revolution, however, drove them out of the town they were ruling. The siblings took shelter in Midnight Hollow and soon enough, found a new home to settle down in.

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The background of these siblings is quite interesting and it would be a good idea for the Sims 5 to explore it vividly. Cedrick, who is the elder of the two siblings, happens to be a part of the Criminal Career of The Sims. Though his personal bio states he is a gentleman, he is a thug in reality. Odessa is the younger one and works as a Campaign Intern in the sphere of politics. Given the personality traits and professional ambitions of these siblings, The Sims 5 should benefit greatly by expanding on their story and finding ways to take their narrative further.

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