Minecraft Snapshot Update Makes Alterations To The Mace

Minecraft 1.20 Update

Several adjustments, which have now been made to the weapon, make it even more interesting to use.

A new snapshot, released by Minecraft: Java Edition, enables players to enchant the Mace. Sandbox’s next major update will introduce players to a plethora of new content. Mojang has been unveiling some of that content since last year. For a long time, players had been wanting to see the wolf variants and armor trims being added to the game. That is finally happening with the arrival of this content update.

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While this update brings many new elements to the fore, fans are extremely excited about the inclusion of the Mace. Players can put this weapon together with the help of a heavy core and a breeze rod. Launched with Minecraft snapshot update 24W11a, this melee weapon features a new mechanic that players will get to know about while using it. If a player falls while using this weapon on an enemy, they will experience massive damage and also witness a knockback effect.

There is a lot to explore with this weapon. Players will now be able to apply effects like the Unbreaking, Bane of Arthropods, Mending, Curse of Vanishing and Fire Aspect to the Mace. Among other things, Mojang has released three distinctive enchantments for the Mace in the form of Breach, Density and Wind Burst. The knockback effect of the Mace now features a higher power and better range.

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The Mace, undoubtedly, is the major attraction of snapshot 24W13a. However, there is a lot more to look forward to with this update. There were already many armor trims in Minecraft. Now, this update has resulted in two new armor trims being added to the game. The update has also brought in three pottery sherds and two new banner patterns in the game. Omnious Events, a challenging experience that was earlier referred to as Bad Omens, is now expanded to Trial Chambers.

Those who tried the Mace would vouch for the fact that it is a fun weapon to use. Various features like fall damage cancellation and knockback mechanics make this weapon highly desirable. The new update will definitely get more players wanting to explore this.

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