GTA 6 Release Date: Take-Two Interactive CEO Shares a Cryptic Clue

GTA 6 concept maps

The GTA 6 release date has been one of the most discussed topics in the online gaming community in recent times and now, Take-Two Interactive’s CEO has shared a cabalistic clue about it. 

Ever since Rockstar Games confirmed Grand Theft Auto 6 is in the development stage, there has been a lot of speculation about it.

One of the most discussed things about this much-awaited game is its release date. Though Rockstar has decided to not speak about the game for some time, insiders and leakers have gone overboard with spreading rumors and unconfirmed information about the game.

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In September 2022, a major GTA 6 leak came to the fore and shook the gaming world. This was not a small leak by any stretch of the imagination. It resulted in as many as 90 videos pertaining to the game getting leaked. While one believed this leak would have greatly disturbed the development process of GTA 6, that didn’t quite happen.

As per an official statement released by Strauss Zelnick, the CEO of Rockstar Games, the leak has had no impact on the development schedule of the game. This particular statement by Zelnickalso gave some hope to players who had been keenly looking forward to the arrival of GTA 6.

While giving an interview to IGN, Zelnick confidently asserted that the leaks will not have any impact on GTA 6’s business. He, however, acknowledged the fact that leaks are ‘frustrating’ and do leave the team feeling disappointed.

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If we closely analyze the statement given out by Zelnick, one can assume that the development process of GTA 6 is taking place at a very smooth pace. If the team does not face any major obstructions, the game should be ready to be launched in due course of time. At least this is what most fans have assumed from the statement given by Zelnick.

The footage, which leaked in February 2022, had a ‘preliminary’ vibe to it and didn’t look very polished.  Many players arrived at the conclusion that it was derived from a build that was put together much earlier. Perhaps, this is the reason why Zelnick stated that this leak hasn’t impacted the development process at all.

What we can conclude is that the game is not going to be released anytime soon as it’s still in the works. Rumors regarding GTA 6 release date are to be taken with a pinch of salt. Whenever there is an official confirmation, we’ll keep you posted.

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