Resident Evil 4 Remake Brings About Important Change In Popular NPC

Resident Evil 4 Remake

While it was common knowledge that the Resident Evil 4 remake was different from the original game in several ways, players have observed an interesting alteration made to Merchant, a popular NPC.

When the Resident Evil 4 remake first dropped, players noticed that it offered a very different visual experience from the original game. With time, players have truly realized how different the two games are from each other. One of the prominent changes that have been made to the game concerns the Merchant, the mysterious NPC which many players have been intrigued.

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Resident Evil 4, which was launched way back in 2005, traces the journey of Leon Kennedy, a special agent who works towards the daughter of the US President from a dangerous religious cult operating from Spain. At that time, gaming experts called it the best game to have come out as a part of the Resident Evil franchise. Even players lapped up the game in a big way. While the primary characters were memorable, the game also made a huge impact with many of its other elements.

The Merchant was somebody who could be seen lurking around in areas where players go to collect weapons and health-related items. Some players would end up shooting the Merchant and one would see him reappearing in some other location. The remake approaches the character in a different way. Here, players don’t get the opportunity to shoot the Merchant. As YouTuber GameXplain has observed, Leon’s gun gets automatically lowered when it is pointed toward the Merchant.

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Capcom, which has developed Resident Evil 4, had shared details about how the new version is different from the original in the past. While certain elements were eliminated, the remake featured several new things that made players get hooked to it.

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