Rockstar Games Could Make New GTA 6 Announcement Next Week

GTA 6 announcement

According to an online user, the next big GTA 6 announcement will happen on June 18.

Ever since the first trailer of Grand Theft Auto 6 came out in December last year, fans had been waiting for Rockstar Games to share new updates about the game. For a while, fans had been expecting the gaming studio to make new GTA 6 announcements but nothing has come through. Now, an account named GTA 6 Countdown has stated that Rockstar will be making some important announcements next week before the Summer DLC 2024 launches in GTA Online.

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While some fans got excited to see GTA 6 Countdown making these claims, there are many who have their doubts. Many fans are of the opinion that the claims made by the online user do not carry enough weight.

The above thread was shared by X user GTA 6 Countdown on June 11, 2024. According to them, a new GTA 6 announcement could take place on June 18. Rockstar Games, of course, has not reacted to this claim.

GTA 6 Countdown shared further details about the GTA 6 announcement. As per the user, the GTA Online Summer DLC 2024 is scheduled to release on June 25, 2024. The next GTA 6 announcement, as per the user, will take place a week before this. The user further stated that the gaming studio used a similar strategy while releasing the Winter 2023 DLC in GTA Online.

Rockstar released the first official trailer of GTA 6 a week before launching the GTA Online: The Chop Shop DLC. Gaming experts believe this helped the latter to emerge as one of the most watched GTA trailers. GTA 6 Countdown, therefore, believes Rockstar is using a similar strategy this time while launching the GTA Online Summer DLC 2024.

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When you think about the strategy logically, it makes sense. However, GTA fans have several doubts in their heads regarding this. NikTek (X/@NikTekOfficial), a popular YouTuber, recently posted a comment stating how new GTA 6 announcements might not be made until November or December this year.

The reason why a lot of fans do not believe in NikTek’s theory is that they feel Rockstar will not be making a new announcement on GTA 6 so soon. Recently, a new leak pointed at the possibility of the second GTA 6 trailer arriving towards the final months of the year. None of these rumors have been addressed by Rockstar Games.

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