The Sims 4: Pastel Lovers and Goth Kids Engage In An Intense War

The Sims 4

While it is not unusual to see fights taking place in The Sims 4, a recent war that has broken out between pastel lovers and goth kids have caught the fancy of many!

As a game, The Sims 4 is interpreted different by different players or participants. While a lot of players enjoy the process of picking up interesting clothes for their Sims and giving final shape to their dream homes, there are many who look at the game as a hub for making micro transactions.

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Regardless of how somebody chooses to interpret the game, the fact remains that it remains highly popular among players of different age groups. The credit for the success of the game also goes to the frequency at which Electronic Arts has been coming up with fun activities in the game.

Recently, EA gave the community the chance to vote and decide its next kit. The community could also have a say on the clothes and other items they would like to see in the kit. Initially, many appreciated this move as it was seen as an interesting way to get inputs from those who are a part of the community.

Pastel lovers jumped at this opportunity and put across their suggestions for all they would like to have as a part of the new kit. ‚ÄėRainbow core style‚Äô, ‚Äėyouthful designs‚Äô, ‚Äėnostalgia‚Äô and ‚Äėpops of color‚Äô are some of the terms they came up with. They seemed to be hugely inspired from the themes from the films made in the ‚Äė90s and wishes for some of those elements to be a part of The Sims 4.

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The Goth Kids, however, weren’t too approving of the pastel lovers’ choices. They stated that the visual of a bright pink sweater is enough to make one feel nauseous. This led to the parties engaging in a heated exchange of words.

While the idea of getting inputs from the communities was interesting and democratic in a lot of ways, the developers didn’t realize that different groups would have different preferences and that could lead to several issues.

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