GTA 6 Trailer 2: New Videos Page on Rockstar’s Website Makes Fans Look Forward To The Next One


After going through all that the first GTA 6 trailer had to offer, fans are now keenly looking forward to the launch of the second trailer!

Last year, in December, Rockstar Games launched the much-anticipated trailer of Grand Theft Auto 6. The trailer, with its stunning visuals and terrific world-building, left an instant impression on fans. Since there is still a lot of time for GTA 6 to arrive, fans strongly felt that Rockstar would release another trailer for the game. While fans kept speculating about GTA 6 trailer 2, the gaming studio remained quiet on this.

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Recently, Rockstar did something that has made fans believe that the gaming studio will release the second GTA 6 trailer very soon. The official website of Rockstar Games had a page titled ‘Watch Trailer 1’. The page has now been rechristened ‘Videos from Grand Theft Auto 6’. While this page currently features only the first trailer of the game, fans believe that another trailer will be dropped on this page soon.

Till now, Rockstar has not shared any information about the release of the new GTA 6 trailer. If a second GTA 6 trailer is indeed scheduled for a release, fans will not have to wait for Rockstar to share some updates about it.

A YouTuber, who goes by the name NikTek, has stated that the second trailer for GTA 6 could be launched in the next couple of months. The YouTuber has also claimed that Rockstar would treat fans to a gameplay trailer of GTA 6 in the early months of 2025. According to the analysis made by the YouTuber, the game should be out by April 2025.

A couple of days ago, fans stumbled upon a job posting by Rockstar Lincoln for the position of a Localisation Tester. As per the listing, the one who is selected for the job will be hired for a period of 12 months. This job posting resulted in many fans believing that the developer wanted to test the game thoroughly before launching it in the market.

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Though Rockstar has not confirmed a release date for GTA 6, the game is confirmed for a 2025 release. Given the pace at which things are moving, one should not be too surprised if Rockstar drops the GTA 6 trailer 2 very soon. Once the second trailer arrives, one expects the anticipation around the game to grow significantly.

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