GTA 6 Trailer Item Might Have Been Spotted in GTA 5 Online

GTA 6 Trailer 2

The appearance of a necklace in GTA Online, originally seen in the GTA 6 trailer, has sparked fresh discussions in the gaming community.

Grand Theft Auto 6 is one game that the gaming community has been discussing long before Rockstar Games confirmed its existence. In February 2022, the gaming studio finally admitted to the fact that it has been working towards developing GTA 6. This is something fans were sure about for a while and therefore, this confirmation did not come as a surprise to them. After the launch of the first official trailer of the game in December last year, the excitement around GTA 6 has increased manifold.

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As confirmed by Rockstar, fans should get the opportunity to play GTA 6 by next year. Since the gaming studio has stated GTA 6 will be released sometime in the fall of 2025, one can expect the game to drop sometime between September and November. There is a good possibility of GTA 6 being priced higher than what Rockstar is charging for GTA 5 at the moment.

Rockstar has a reputation of staying quiet during the production process of its games. The gaming studio likes to keep things under wraps and supports the idea of gamers exploring a game properly when it launches. Because of this, fans start looking for clues and information themselves. Sometimes, elements found in existing GTA properties lead fans towards important information pertaining to a much-awaited title.

Those who had been wanting to get some information on GTA 6 found a recent GTA Online to be quite intriguing. Though one is not sure, it seems a necklace worn by a GTA 6 protagonist has been included in GTA Online. The necklace, which has been added to the game recently, looks very similar to the one saw in the trailer.

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After seeing this necklace, some fans started believing that it was deliberately added in GTA Online through this new update to give them some clue about GTA 6. The presence of this GTA 6 trailer item has also led many fans to conclude that Rockstar is just trying to make fans further curious about GTA 6 and keep the discussions around the game alive.

The discussions around this necklace started when a Reddit user spoke about a new necklace being introduced in GTA Online through the Bottom Dollar Bounties update. The user pointed out that the necklace, referred to as the ‘Silver Layered Necklace’, bears a strong resemblance to one we saw in the GTA 6 trailer.

Despite many dismissing it as mere coincidence, some continue to derive something out of it. Since Rockstar has not specified a definite release date for GTA 6, that is something GTA fans continue to remain curious about. If the gaming studio releases another trailer for GTA 6 in the near future, one might just get further clarity on it. There is also a possibility of Rockstar announcing the release date in some time.

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