Hitman 3 Shares Details About Changes Coming to The Game With Freelancer Mode

Hitman 3

IO Interactive has shared an elaborate list of modifications that the Freelancer Mode of Hitman 3 will be subjected to while transitioning from its beta version to its full-fledged release.

The much-anticipated Freelancer Mode of Hitman 3 is scheduled to release on January 26.

The launch of the Freelancer Mode is expected to be a major event in the recent history of the franchise and therefore, there is a lot of excitement around it. IO Interactive, the developing force behind the game, has thoroughly analyzed its closed beta mode and after going through the feedback received from it, has planned to bring about certain changes that will reflect in its final version.

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Though Hitman 3 sourced out some content from the earlier games in the franchise, IO Interactive seems to be planning to use the release of Freelancer Mode as a platform to bring all the different games in the trilogy together. As the Freelancer Mode will be using content from the entire gaming library of the franchise, it was imperative for certain changes to be implemented. These changes should also set the tone for how the franchise will move forward in the near future.

Some of the trailers of Hitman 3, which showcased the Freelancer Mode, have given players a brief idea about what they should expect from the mode. However, that was clearly not enough and IO Interactive has to now work very hard towards explaining certain aspects related to the mode in a simplified manner. One of the things players can look forward to is a more elaborate playing ground for them. The rewards for taking risks are also expected to be quite lucrative. This is one mode that seems to have been designed to make the game more exciting for both new and older players.

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Players will now get a chance to unlock a variety of gears that have been put together for their Hideout. When they go to the ‘Collector’s Edition’ section, they will find some specialized gadgets and powerful weapons being made available to them. Even if players fail to accomplish a particular mission, they will continue to have access to these gadgets and weapons. Many of the exploits in the game will now be presented in a more structured manner.

Players can also look forward to some incredible suits with the launch of the Freelancer Mode. There will be many exclusive gadgets to choose from as well. The best part is that these items have been designed to be there in the game for a very long time.

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