GTA Online Los Santos Drug Wars Update: 5 Cars You Should Look Forward To

GTA Online Ocelot Virtue

While the GTA Online Los Santos Drug Wars update has marked the arrival of a bunch of fresh content, players can still look forward to five exciting cars that will be launched soon!

Though the Los Santos Drug Wars update for GTA Online has already been rolled out, new content is regularly being added to the game as a part of this update.

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Rockstar Games has been launching new vehicles quite regularly during important event weeks. Towards the end of 2022, the gaming publisher launched the Western Power surge.

5 In-game cars in the Los Santos Drug Wars update

This year seems to be very promising for GTA fans. While they have already received a lot of interesting content, they will continue to get access to fresh content throughout the year. As a part of the update, players will be getting five new in-game cars in the near future.

Williard Eudora

Willard Eudora

Acknowledging the fact that players respond very well to retro vehicles, GTA Online will be bringing Williard Eudora, a much-loved design from the ‘60s, into the game. This particular vehicle is related to the Buick platforms from that time. This, in fact, is one of the most important reasons why many players would want to try out this car. Williard Eudora can be purchased from the Southern San Andreas Super Autos at a price of $1,250,000.

Classique Broadway

Classique Broadway

GTA San Andreas Players, who like the idea of getting nostalgic once in a while, would definitely be appreciative of the Classique Broadway. Because of being used extensively in side missions, this vehicle is often referred to as the ‘pimp car’. While there is no surety of side missions making a comeback to GTA Online. The car also reminds one of the times when cars boasted of much simpler but classier designs.

Vapid Taxi

Vapid taxi

For a long time, players were waiting for an opportunity to buy a taxi in GTA Online. Priced at $650,000, a player also stands a chance at getting a Vapid Taxi as a bonus reward. A while, an insider who goes by the Twitter handle @TezFunz2, claimed that Rockstar Games would soon add a fast travel feature as a part of the Los Santos Drug Wars update. Vapid Taxi could be launched around that time.

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Toundra Panthere

Toundra Panthere car in Los Santos Drug Wars Update

Toundra Panthere is a vehicle that serves as a wonderful example of how masterful and impressive Franch manufacturing can be. If one has to compare ToundraPanthere with a real-world vehicle, then one can draw parallels with 2017 Alpine A110. It is a well-designed sports car that leaves a strong impression with its modern look and feel. The car is also known for having fog lights featuring LED rings.

Ocelot Virtue

Ocelot virtue

If there is one car that is carrying a lot of hype and anticipation around, it is the Ocelot Virtue. This is one vehicle that should appeal greatly to those who like vehicles that boast ultra-modern features. You can equip the Missile Lock-On Jammer with this vehicle and that’s just one of its many exciting features. This electric hypercar, which comes with several safety features, can be purchased from Legendary Motorsport at a price of $2,980,000.

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