GTA Online Players Lash Out At Rockstar For Three-Year Bonus Punishments

GTA Online Players

GTA Online players have taken a strong stand against the three-year bonus punishments meted out by Rockstar Games which, they believe, is quite random and bizarre.

Among other things, Grand Theft Auto Online has a reputation for being a game with a variety of playstyles.

Also, this is one game that hosts players with different types of temperaments. While some players try their best to make a good amount of money out of the game, there are some who like engaging in trolling activities. Regardless of what your expectations from the game are, you can be sure of them being met.

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In the last few years, Rockstar Games has made a conscious effort to make the game more accessible to a larger number of players. It has worked towards putting together a mechanism that enables players to avoid playstyles that don’t work for them.

There are two reasons behind this. Firstly, Rockstar Games wants to limit the amount of disruption a player faces while playing the game. Secondly, it expects a group of players to work towards accomplishing a definite goal.

Despite all its plusses, GTA Online has received flak for not doing much to eliminate or stop hacking-based activities that take place in the game. The presence of hackers has plagued the game for a long time and resulted in many players giving up on it.

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Recently, the hackers did something which created quite an uproar in GTA Online players community. PC hackers have been meting out three-year-long Bad Sport punishments to players for boosting the levels of their accounts. What’s worse is the fact that Rockstar is not taking any visible steps to curb the activities of these hackers.

This issue was first brought to the notice of the players’ community by a Redditor named AyeeFranklin. The Redditor claimed that the punishment has been meted out without any particular reason and is absolutely unfair. He also stated that Rockstar has turned a deaf ear to the pleas of it getting overturned. Many players have been at the receiving end of this ‘punishment’ and have shared their ordeals on different platforms.

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