GTA Online Ocelot Virtue: New Vehicle Gets Introduced In The Game

GTA Online Ocelot Virtue

The Last Dose weekly update in GTA Online has marked the arrival of a brand new vehicle in the form of Ocelot Virtue.

The Last Dose weekly update was keenly looked forward to by Grand Theft Auto Online fans. Among other things, the update has introduced an exciting vehicle in the game in the form of the Ocelot Virtue. The vehicle is one of those things that have been brought into the game via the Los Santos Drug Wars drip-feed content that had got leaked earlier.

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You can procure this vehicle from Legendary Motorsport at a price of $2,980,000. If you manage to complete the First and Last Dose missions in the capacity of a host, you can acquire this vehicle free of cost.

While the vehicle looks visually appealing, players are keen to know about its mechanism and functionalities. Till now, one has come across some relevant information pertaining to the vehicle and that has got players quite excited about the prospect of trying it out. The vehicle delivers a top speed of 99.82 mph and registers a lap time of 0:59:293. While there are other vehicles that move faster than the GTA Online Ocelot Virtue, it is a good vehicle to be added to one’s collection.

The process of buying this vehicle is quite simple. You have to first visit the in-game website of Legendary Motorsport. When you scroll through the list, you will find Ocelot Virtue mentioned right at the top of it. While the trade price of the vehicle is $2,235,000, it will cost you $2,980,000.

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While Legendary Motorsport describes the performance of this electric car to be good, you can be sure about it only after doing a proper manual analysis. The car has managed to generate a good amount of hype for itself till now.

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