Minecraft 1.20 Snapshot: What It Has Brought To The Game

Minecraft Cherry Blossom update

Minecraft 1.20 snapshot has added a lot of value to the game and fixed some of the bugs that had been a part of it for a while.

While there is a lot of anticipation for the Trails & Tales update among Minecraft fans, they can now check out the Minecraft 1.20 snapshot that has just been rolled out. The new semi-weekly update, among other things, features bug fixes, a new advancement and a bunch of interesting test features. As far as the Java edition is concerned, this seems to be a good method to figure out how the update will look like in the near future.

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One of the major changes that have been brought to the game via Minecraft 1.20 snapshot is, undoubtedly, the new advancement which is referred to as the Power of Books. To utilize it properly, players would have to go through the power signal of a Chiseled Bookshelf with the help of a Comparator.

Another advancement that registered an impact recently is Smithing with Style. This particular advancement makes it necessary for the crafters to incorporate the Snout, Spire, Rib, Silence, Vex, Tide and Ward smithing templates on their distinctive armor.

The update, thankfully, has brought in a lot of bug fixes as well. The slime or magma cubes, for instance, have been linked to the jump boost potion again. The Hitbox for Sniffers has also been corrected. When clocks are enchanted in another dimension, they don’t exhibit any flickering activity. The interface of the bundle tooltips can be seen now. Once the target block gets broken, Sniffers stop the process of digging.

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Enabling snapshots, contrary to what some players believe, is not a difficult process at all. Players just have to follow a few simple steps and keep them in mind.

The first step involves starting the Microsoft Java Edition Launcher on the system they wish to try out the game on. Before doing this, the player must make it a point to buy the Java Edition. After this, they have to go to the Installations tab which is within the Microsoft Java Edition Launcher. In this particular area, players will get the option to activate snapshots. You should remember to enable the latest version of the snapshots.

After this, the player has to go back to the ‘Play’ tab. From this point, the player will get the opportunity to start a new world. It is important to remember that the new world will be a part of the newest version of snapshots.

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