GTA Online: Get Ready to be Permanently Banned if You Use This Hack

GTA online glitch

The decision taken by Rockstar Games has been appreciated by the online GTA community!

Every game has its share of cheaters and hackers. However, activities like hacking and cheating are not encouraged by any gaming studio. When such activities are carried out in large numbers, it ends up tarnishing the reputation of the game. Gaming studios have always discouraged such practices and requested gamers to play their favorite games ethically. In the past, gaming studios have taken several measures to control these things. The new GTA Online ban imposed on certain players is the newest step taken in this direction.

In a bid to discourage gamers from engaging in activities like cheating and safeguarding the game from hackers, Rockstar Games is now permanently banning players who are found indulging in such things. Though many might perceive this to be an extreme step, the gaming studio might have found it necessary.

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The GTA Online ban might have come as a rude shock to many but it is a result of certain incidents that happened recently. It has been found out that a few GTA Online players were using a duplication exploit which enabled them to copy the data owned by another user and create a fresh account which comes across as an authentic copy. Owing to this exploit, one witnessed the creation of several accounts featuring the Rank 7984. Since this glitch was being exploited by a large number of players, many such accounts were seen. This led to the community realizing that something fishy was happening.

Since this was a major issue and many players had taken note of it, Rockstar got to know about it pretty quickly. As observed by an X user named ClassiqueGTA, those who have used this exploit have been permanently banned from GTA Online. These players have been received an alert that confirms that they have been “banned from Rockstar Games Online services and are not permitted to enter Grand Theft Auto Online permanently”. If a banned player happens to be a GTA member, they will be required to cancel their membership “manually”.

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The GTA community, which largely stands by ethical gaming practices, has lauded the steps taken by Rockstar to control cheating and hacking-based activities in the game. One of the reasons why the community was upset by a few players exploiting this glitch is that several accounts were being compromised.

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