GTA Online Glitch In Union Depository Contract Enables Players To Make Big Bucks

GTA online glitch

A GTA Online glitch in the Union Depository Contract has made it possible for players to make $1,000,000 once every few minutes.

A new GTA online glitch has resulted in something truly weird. It has enabled players to repeat the finale of the Union Depository Contract. The current event week also gives the opportunity to earn $1,000,000 per run. The update rolled out during this particular week provides triple cash and RP to all those who have made it to the Robbery Contract Finale that comprises the Union Depository Contract.

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After they complete each mission, players can make anywhere between $810,000 to $1,012,500. Even after KDJ and Sessanta take their 10% cut, you will get your hands on a large volume of cash. While solo players will be entitled to receive $810,000, the leader of the group will get to make $1,012,500.

How To Make Money Via The Union Depository Contract Glitch

When you click on the aforementioned YouTube link and go through the text underneath the video in the description section, you will come across a bunch of relevant hyperlinks. You can see different playlists for different platforms like Xbox, PlayStation and PC here. Based on the platform you are using, you should choose a particular playlist.

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To get the playlist bookmarked, you can click on “Add to Game”. Once the option “Remove From Game” gets replaced by “Add to Game”, you can be sure about it being added to your playlist. If you have already logged in to the game, you should restart it. You also have the option to boot up GTA Online and go to the Auto Shop.

To earn a huge amount of money and make the best out of the Union Depository Contract finale, one has to participate in it as a part of a group. You have the option of doing things individually, but you won’t be able to make a lot of money in this process. To win big, you have to form a group and work towards completing the missions.

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