GTA Online NPC Exhibits Comical Behavior; Performs Car Wheelie

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A video featuring a GTA Online NPC carrying out a unique movie has left many fans in awe!

In a recently circulated Grand Theft Auto Online clip, one could see a non-player character or NPC carrying out a daredevil car stunt in order to avoid the possibility of hitting a player. Those who have played GTA Online are well-versed with the fact that it is a multiplayer online game that provides one with a vast open-world environment to explore and engage with. Because of its many standout features, GTA Online has emerged as one of the most successful online multiplayer games of all time.

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While some people get attracted to GTA Online because of its immersive gameplay, there are some who prefer playing the game because of its customizable characters. The sense of adventure offered by the game is something many other online multiplayer games lack. Apart from engaging in street racing and heists, you can also run a variety of businesses and fly planes in the game.

“NPC’s aRe PrOgRaMeD tO hIt YoU”
by u/Pig_bait69 in gtaonline

NPCs have always played a very important role in GTA Online. Apart from operating as drivers, one has also witnessed them as pedestrians and enemies. The unpredictable behavior and moves exhibited by NPCs in the game also lead to fun moments in GTA Online. It is always fascinating to see how NPCs engage with the world they are surrounded by. In a recent clip, which went viral recently, one can see an NPC doing a car wheelie to avoid crashing into a car driven by a player. The clip is quite amusing and serves as good entertainment for players and fans of the game.

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This particular video has been uploaded by Pig_bait69, a Reddit user. The high-speed car chase, undoubtedly, is the highlight of this video. One can see the player moving at a very high speed and then, taking some steps to avoid hitting an NPC vehicle approaching towards it. The NPC car does a car wheelie and goes over the vehicle of the player. Something of this sort, perhaps, had never been witnessed in GTA Online.

One look at the video and you understand why it has gone viral and been shared by so many GTA Online fans. Many have shared it on social media and posted funny comments pertaining to the behavior of the GTA Online NPC. This video, among other things, also offers a glimpse into the dynamic AI mechanics of the game.

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