New GTA Online Update Fixes Several Bugs and Enhances the Game’s Quality

GTA online Cunning Stunts

The new GTA Online update, rolled out by Rockstar Games, has contributed towards enhancing the game’s quality.

Launched close to a decade ago, the popularity of Grand Theft Auto Online has soared with time. Recently, Rockstar Games launched update 1.66 for the game and made it clear again that it is serious about making efforts to update the game regularly and make it sharper. This particular GTA Online update will enable players to have a better experience while participating in different activities in the online multiplayer game.

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Players, who like the idea of playing their own characters in the vast GTA universe, get a plethora of activities to choose from while playing GTA Online. The game provides players with everything they could require to put together a criminal empire. Apart from becoming a part of storytelling missions, GTA Online also gives you the opportunity to participate in high-adrenaline stunt races and complex but exciting heists.

The Los Santos Drug Wars content update, which was rolled out recently, brought to the fore innovative methods to make drugs and sell them to multiple dealers based in multiple corners of Los Santos. After accumulating a certain amount of in-game currency, players will have the chance to buy a bunch of properties like warehouses, offices, apartments and bunkers. They can also acquire a modern garage featuring 50 cars.


As per the patch notes for this update, it aims to make the game more stable and secure. This patch drives away several bugs that have been a part of GTA Online for a while now. This patch has also resulted in the launch of a new data protocol to make player-to-player messaging and network sessions more secure.

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The security update arrives a few weeks after GTA Online players discovered a major exploit. This particular security breach enabled hackers to modify the stats of players. It also made it possible for them to corrupt the accounts of the players so that they do not get any access to the game after it is hacked. Thankfully, Rockstar noticed this issue as soon as it cropped up and logged out the accounts, that were affected by this exploit, immediately.

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