PUBG: Battleground 22.2 Update is Here, Amazing Line Up of Weapons Promised

Pubg battleground

With PUBG: Battleground 22.2 update right around the corner, long time players who may or may not have visited the game will gladly make a comeback.

The developers have revealed a bunch of new weapons to own and dominate the battlefield along with a generous collection of items and places to explore during fights.

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The game is celebrating its 6th anniversary on the PC platform while it is readily available on Xbox, PlayStation and even mobiles. Smartphone users are massive patrons of the title because of the convenience of being able to play with their friends irrespective of the platform they are on. However, if you love to aim and shoot, and take down opponents with skill, a mouse and keyboard definitely make things more challenging and thrilling during that grand chicken dinner victory.

Intense Battle Royale for Quick Matches

PUBG: Battleground 22.22 update aims to deliver a comprehensive experience for players of all types. Battle Royale games often take time to be completed and easily around 20 minutes, but with Intense Battle Royale, you can get to the shortest version of the game. With circles fast closing and very limited time to survive, players will be more than willing to fight and come out of their hiding spots.

A wide range of updated arsenal can be found with the new 6th-anniversary update including weapons like AUG, M16AF, Mk47 and P90. All these guns are also tweaked so that they are balanced and designed to be useful without being an annoying add-on. Similarly, a new care package has been confirmed named FAMAS.

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“Based on player feedback, game recordings, we have always worked to create a balanced yet competitive environment in PUBG. With months of player data and community feedback, the huge 22.2 update for Player Unknown Battlegrounds will bring back all the best things that players have come to love in our title,” quoted the development team.

PUBG: Battlegrounds 22.2 update is available on 14th March on PC and 23rd March on gaming consoles. You can check out the full patch notes to know more about the weapons, performance tweaks and improvements made to the game here.

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