GTA Online: New Apartment Glitch Makes It Possible For Solo Players To Make Millions of Dollars Every Single Hour

GTA Online

GTA Online players have yet another opportunity to make a huge amount of in-game money by exploiting a glitch!

In Grand Theft Auto Online, making money sometimes turns out to be a rather difficult process. Many a time, players spend hours playing the game, put in a lot of effort and yet, fail to earn a good amount of money. Because of this, several players try to exploit glitches in the game that would help them earn a large amount of money in a short span of time. To exploit a glitch successfully, a player would have to go through certain instructions, follow them properly and execute them in the correct manner.

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The new GTA Online apartment glitch which has come to the fore in the game recently is one such glitch that enables solo players to earn millions of in-game cash quickly. This particular glitch, however, makes it necessary for the player to purchase a few things. They, therefore, need to have some money in their bank account.

Recently, a YouTube named YoBrys uploaded a video on YouTube that offers a breakdown into the apartment glitch. To exploit this glitch, one needs to buy the 2-car garage located on Unit 124 Popular Street in East Los Santos. The garage is priced at $25,000 and can be bought directly from the official website of Dynasty 8.

The player has to allot a free slot to this garage. If their slots are full, they can trade it with one of the properties they own at the moment. After this, the player would have to buy the Annis Elegy H8 from Legendary Motorsport and keep it in their garage. As per the instructions given in the YouTube video, the player must only order a white Elegy RH8.

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After the player carries out the aforementioned activities, they should open the pause menu on GTA Online and then, go to Online>Jobs>Play Job>Rockstar Created>Missions. Using the Missions playlist, the player has to work towards launching the Wet Workers job on Hard Difficulty.

Once the mission is loaded, the player has to go to the Interaction Menu, change the action or outfit using the Style tab and save the progress they have made so far. After this, they will have to visit a particular location in Downtown Vinewood that has been marked in this image.

GTA online location

Barring the white Elegy RH8, the player can use any vehicle to get to the marked spot. After reaching this particular location, the player has to keep the vehicle in a parking slot and then, get into the 24/7 supermarket located right opposite it.

Since the store will not have any attendants, robbing the cash registers and getting out of the store wouldn’t be a difficult process at all. Since Rockstar Games provides players with two lives for jobs, the player should neutralize the character, fail the mission and step into a Freemode session. According to the video uploaded by YoBry, the player will get $100,000 when they fail the job. Once they enter a Freemode session, they will keep receiving $100,000 continuously. Until they join another session, they won’t stop receiving the money.

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