Minecraft Cherry Blossom Update: Here’s All That You Need To Know

Minecraft Cherry Blossom update

The new Minecraft Cherry Blossom update will come with an array of elements that should make different groups of fans happy!

The Minecraft 1.20 update is scheduled to be rolled out soon. While most players are fairly aware of the fact that it will come armed with the Cherry Blossom biome, what they should also know is that it will feature several interesting elements like sniffers, camels and archeology. Even though the game has been around for more than 10 years now, developers consistently add new regions to it. A glimpse of the new biome was offered towards the end of the 1.20 update’s development process.

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A while back, Mojang shared details of only the features that were confirmed to be arriving with the update. Once the biome was released, players got extremely excited and praised the developers generously for coming up with it.

Once the update is rolled out on June 7, players will get the opportunity to enter the new exciting world and trace the new Cherry Blossom biomes. While going about this process, players must remember an important thing. The new biome, in worlds that already exist, the new biome will not offer the elements that have been loaded in the past. Players would be required to travel several miles to get their hands on new chunks and trace the biome.

The region, which will be a sight for sore eyes, will be created on the top of mountains and will be seen covered by meadow biomes. What players need to be mindful of is that this biome is not very common and therefore, will not be generated regularly.

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The new biome shall also feature a unique bunch of vegetation including cherry trees. There will be cherry leaves and cherry wood logs to look forward to as well. While they will bear some resemblance to conventional oak trees, the branching structure would be horizontal. The biome shall feature pink petals growing over grass blocks found within the region. One can break these incomplete blocks using any method and obtain them.

Several common mobs like pigs, bees, pigs, rabbits and sheep can be found moving around in this region. While this biome looks beautiful and has a cozy vibe to it, both neutral and hostile mobs can spawn within it. Players, therefore, exercise some caution during the nighttime.

The update will bring in a lot of interesting elements for those who have a creative bent of mind. Using cherry wood, which happens to be a wood set, players can put together a variety of wooden blocks like stairs, slabs, planks, doors and buttons.

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