Recent Minecraft Java 1.19.4 Update Makes Ice Boating Easier

Minecraft Java Update

A Minecraft player has shared an interesting video featuring the use of the unique ice boating mechanic.

Minecraft features some of the most elaborate games you will come across in a game today. Recently, a gamer shared a video that seems to offer the solution to moving across the elaborately designed maps in the game. The video featured the player covering a certain distance using an iceboat. This was a pre-release build put together for Minecraft Java 1.19.4 update.

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Individuals who have tried the game on mobile and console are aware of the Bedrock Edition of the game. This particular edition of the game is known for being extremely stable and functioning smoothly on multiple gaming platforms or devices. The franchise actually took shape with Minecraft’s Java edition and this particular edition continues to be extremely popular with PC players.

So you can do this now… (Ice boating just got buffed in 1.19.4 pre-release 1)
by u/SquareFinder in Minecraft

Minecraft had a low-key release in the year 2009 as a PC title. With time, however, the game became bigger and attracted players from all parts of the world. Apart from the primary title, which can be played on most gaming devices, one has also stumbled upon many interesting spin-offs of the game including Minecraft: Builders and Biomes and Minecraft Dungeons. Over the years, Mojang has done several interesting things to keep the franchise popular. The crossover of Minecraft with several other popular games has played an important role in keeping it relevant.

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A new post shared by SquareFinder, a Reddit user, features a clip of the player stumbling upon a rather interesting way in which the ice boating mechanic can be used. The clip, which is rather short, features the character standing right next to an ice track that goes through some interesting metamorphosis. Though ice boat tracks have been quite popular in the game, traveling uphill using these tracks was something one had not witnessed to date.

Minecraft fans, who went through the subreddit, were quite amused to see the ice boat mechanic being utilized in such a manner. Going by the comments posted on social media, one can safely state that it has impressed the majority of Minecraft fans.

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