The Sims on Nintendo Switch – Will It Ever Happen?

The Sims

Many fans of The Sims have expressed their wish to have the gaming franchise on Nintendo Switch. Now, whether something of that sort would really happen or not is something time will tell.

When you speak about contemporary gaming, you can’t help but mention The Sims. Despite being one of the most loved and popular gaming franchises around, The Sims doesn’t have a Nintendo Switch version yet. Fans are not certainly happy with this as they would have definitely wanted it to be playable on the console.

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In the last few years, Electronic Arts has made a conscious attempt to make The Sims accessible to more and more players. The Sims Mobile and The Sims Freeplay serve as a testimony to the company’s efforts towards making the game available on multiple devices and in different formats. However, the fact remains that it needs to do a lot more to ensure that it reaches out to a larger number of players.

Sims Switch Nintendo DS Titles

According to the statements made by the representative of Electronic Arts, Project Rene, which happens to be the code name for The Sims 5, will feature mobile-friendly features. There is, however, not much clarity on it at the moment. While some fans believe this would result in the entire game being available on mobile devices, some are of the opinion that it would mark the arrival of a companion app that would have mobile capabilities.

Will The Sims 5 Be Available on The Switch?

While there is some chance of The Sims 5 arriving on the Switch, there is no confirmation on it at the moment. A while back, Andrew Wilson, the CEO of Electronic Arts, had stated that the data compiled by the team suggests that most people who own Switch also happen to own an Xbox, PC or PlayStation. Having The Sims on Switch, therefore, was not a necessity.

The Sims’ History with Nintendo Consoles

The Sims games were commonly available on many of the consoles that were prevalent in the 2000s including GameBoy Advance and GameCube. Most of the games were spin-offs that offered the kind of gameplay that one associated with mainline games on PC. Apart from a recurring cast, these games featured weird but interesting plots.

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It is important to note here that a particular game could be represented differently on different consoles. On GameCube, Sims Urbz was showcased as an open social simulator. On DS and GBA, however, the game featured a pixel art style and a tighter narrative.

Will Sims GameBoy Advance Games Arrive on Nintendo Switch Online?

Till now, one has only received some information about a few of the first-party Gameboy Advance games that are accessible on Nintendo Switch Online. There are reports about more games to be made available on the console soon. There is a good chance of many non-Nintendo games being added to the mix in the near future. To get a clear idea about the titles that will be launched on the console in the next couple of months, all one can do is wait.

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