Minecraft on Chromebook Is Now Real, Limited Launch Confirmed

Minecraft on chromebook

Minecraft on Chromebook should be just like the smartphone edition, on Nintendo Switch and even on other portable consoles.

However, it never made its way into reality because of the technical obstacles associated with it. Not all Chromebooks are the same and making it run on ChromeOS was a challenge until now.

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Early access is now available, but there is a catch, as always. With varying specifications on Chromebook hardware, the developer has confirmed that they are rolling out the title only to select models. It may or may not run on other devices. Named Minecraft: Bedrock Edition, it features almost all of the popular features that players have come to love from the franchise.

Minecraft on Chromebook Features

All popular features including full cross-device support combined with access to Minecraft Marketplace and Realms are also provided as part of this newly launched title. Making it all possible on such a constrained platform would definitely be no easy task but they have made it feasible on select devices for now.

Minecraft chrombook acer

You can check out the minimum requirements page here before wondering if the Bedrock edition would work on your Chromebook or not. Only those eligible devices will have Google Play Store buy now option as it has been automatically disabled for those that don’t support it. The development team is expecting more players to purchase the game and play it on this portable “laptop” before it can be rolled out in mass to all devices at once.

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Being an early access version, it may not run at its optimal performance, but with enough bug reporting and more support from the developer side, Minecraft: Bedrock Edition will soon be among the other popular versions of the game available on multiple platforms.

Minecraft on Chromebook is still in its nascent stage, but you can contribute by playing it on a supported device and seeing how well it works. Besides, Trails and Tails update is coming to the new version in a short time so that you can start your hunt for biomes.

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