The Sims 4 and its Expansion Packs Get Massive Discounts on Steam Winter Sale 2020

Steam winter sale Sims 4

Steam Winter Sale 2020 has officially opened up to a massive crash on the server as always but it is great to see Valve coping up much better than before.

For new gamers, the Sims 4 has hit an all-time low or at least on par with other sales.

The game is now available for PC gamers on the Steam platform with an 88% discount, bringing the titles pricing as low as $4.79. Based on the country you live in, it could go even lower or possibly slightly higher but considering the price tag, this should be the best time to purchase the game. While some gamers may opine that the game is already in its end, it is wise to know all the expansion packs are available right now for purchase.

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The journey of the Sims 4 has been rather long and towards the end of its lifecycle, most games like these reach their pinnacle. The title excels at offering so many DLCs, in-game items and expansion packs where your character could entirely choose a different career. They can live their dreams and it gives immense pleasure to players who live out everything they like. You can even choose to build an eco-friendly lifestyle to live in.

All Expansion Packs are Super Affordable Now

Before going into all the expansion packs which will be difficult to focus, we will focus on some of the most popular stuff. The popular ones are,

The Sims 4 City Living – $19.99 with a 50% off

Cats & Dogs – $19.99

Get to Work – $19.99

Bowling Night Stuff $4.99

Tiny Living Stuff – $4.99

Seasons – $19.99

The options are plenty especially for gamers who are in their home for the holidays and would love to check out a new game. If you already own the Sims 4 and would like to check out of many of the expansion packs, this should be the best time.

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While they were originally priced at a hefty $40, the new 50% discount makes them much more affordable. For the price of two expansion packs, you could easily buy four of them right now making it the best deal of the year. Besides, with more DLCs and in-game items, it would be fun to explore tiny living or have a cat in your virtual home which makes the experience more immersive than it has already been. The pricing could vary based on your region but the sales are now open on all platforms including PC, Xbox and PlayStation consoles.

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