GTA Online – Six New Contact Missions for Gerald for Six Days

GTA online Missions

Most gaming studios want to capitalize on the current lockdown to keep the players busy playing their games.

Some have increased the in-game rewards and some are introducing new expansion packs. Rockstar Games, the developer of the Grand Theft Auto franchise, has introduced six new missions within its GTA Online game. You can also earn more rewards and RP in the game. These are available during a six-day window, April 23 to April 29.

Gerald’s Last Play

If you are familiar with the gameplay in GTA Online, Gerald is a character running a drug business. The business is getting risky by the day with both the law enforcement catching up fast and rivals trying to outdo him. Gerald now wants to get out of the drug trade and is now attempting a last hurrah, a big bang, as it were. You will have six missions to help Gerald in this task.

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The Six Missions in GTA Online

Make Ends Meat, Go Figure, Fast Peddling, Deal With It, Bad Companies, and End Product are the six contact missions. You have the option to play these in the order you desire. There is also the choice of playing a solo game or multi-player mode with your friends. Rockstar explains that you can head to the apartment where Gerald lives and start playing the missions. Alternatively, you can find the in-game text and respond to it. Gerald’s apartment is marked clearly with the letter G on the map.

As mentioned, you are eligible to earn double the GTA$ for succeeding in these missions and also 2xRP. There is the triple payout available on Open Wheel Racing.

Rockstar has put out a tweet giving out the details of the new missions in order to attract as many players as possible to try out these missions. The fans follow the company closely on Twitter, hanging on to every word that officially comes out.

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Missions Briefly Explained

Each of the missions has some background.

  • The first one, Make Ends Meat refers to the slaughterhouse and how you need to win over the rival gangs of Gerald to win it.
  • The Go Figure contact mission refers to the drugs hidden within the action figures by the rival gang.
  • Fast Peddling deals with the mission to beat the bikers of rival gangs peddling drugs and how to overcome them.
  • Deal With it and Bad Companies are all about the rival gangs, spotting their leader and eliminating him of Gerald has to win this round.
  • Finally, End Product means all the drugs in Gerald’s possession need to be disposed off at a good price.

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