Title Update 1.62 Launches For Grand Theft Auto 5 On PlayStation 4

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Grand Theft Auto 5 has emerged as the most successful title in the GTA franchise.

Owing to its popularity, Rockstar has made it a point to provide it with regular updates. Recently, the Grand Theft Auto Community (GTANet) revealed that Rockstar Games has come out with a new Grand Theft Auto 5 patch for its PlayStation 4 version.

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The 1.62 patch works for both the primary game and its online multiplayer version. Among other things, this update aims to bring about an improvement in how ‘stability fixes’ are carried out. This particular update should contribute greatly towards making the gameplay experience smoother for the players.

As you can see in the aforementioned tweet, the source has said that this particular update could resolve certain issues during combat. As per the source, the update has also been designed to get rid of some pop-up issues that players had pointed out while playing the game on PlayStation 4.

On November 18, 2014, Grand Theft Auto 4 was launched for PlayStation 4 users globally. Despite all the issues they encountered on it, players continued to play it. Developers, on their part, haven’t stopped trying to improve the game and its functionality on PS4. They have been constantly working towards making its gameplay better.

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[September 2, 2022] – General / Miscellaneous – PS4: That’s how the update has been mentioned on the official Rockstar Support page. Fans have been discussing the update’s timing extensively in GTA communities. That is because the developers had posted a fan-made video put together by QJ just a while ago. In the video, one could see two aliens having a good time in the game.

According to information shared by prominent insider Tez2, Rockstar has planned something important for the Halloween season. As per Tez2, GTA Online players will get the opportunity to witness a plethora of UFOs flying around the Los Santos skies.

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