GTA Online: Players Get Taken Aback By Fourth Wall Break

GTA Online

Players have gone through such experiences while trying out some of the other gaming titles as well.

Grand Theft Auto Online is a game filled with surprises. No matter how long you have been playing the game, you can always expect to discover something fresh or new. Recently, a GTA Online player drew one’s attention towards a way through which the fourth wall can be broken by an in-game protagonist. While certain discoveries can bring a lot of joy in a player’s life, there are some surprises that do not turn out to be very pleasant.

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Over the last several years, Rockstar Games has taken several important steps and initiatives to strengthen GTA Online. Every year, GTA Online ends up getting two major content updates. Bottom Dollar Bounties, its latest update, was rolled out very recently. Every time a new update is launched, Rockstar brings in new details and Easter eggs which players can look for. Because of this, players get to discover something new quite regularly.

A Reddit user, who identifies themselves as Protonidas on the r/gtaonline community, observed something peculiar recently. They noticed the GTA Online protagonist turning towards the camera for a short while and then, looking straight at them while entering the code to the Stash House safe. This kind of experience could leave several players feeling unsettled.

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The Reddit user stated this entire experience left them with the feeling that the protagonist, who is supposed to be voiceless, “has some character” and a mind of their own. The Reddit user felt the protagonist was asking the player to enter the code hurriedly. The overall look of Protonidas’ protagonist, equipped with pink hair and weird makeup, makes the player feel creepier.

For me the scariest moment in the whole of gta online. When we go too long without entering the code to the safe, our character will momentarily turn towards the camera and look straight at us. I then feel that my character has some character of his own.
byu/Protonidas ingtaonline

After the Reddit user pointed this out, a player said in jest that GTA Online protagonists are gaining a sense of elementary consciousness. Several other players also shared images of their own characters showing a similar kind of behavior. Such instances of protagonists breaking the fourth wall have been seen in a few other games as well. In Stellar Blade, a game that has been exclusively made available on PlayStation 5, one can see the protagonist Eve staring at the camera and addressing the player. If gaming companies have been incorporating such elements for the sake of novelty, they should know that such things will become redundant after a point.

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