Sims 4: Two New Kits Mark The Arrival of DLC Underwear and Messed-Up Bathrooms

DLC Underwear

Fans can look forward to seeing personal items arriving in The Sims 4 game, courtesy of two new kits. This week, The Sims 4 will be receiving two brand-new kits.

Players will get lacey and be-printed underwear and a few other items to add to their Sims’ bathroom accessories. These new items will be available to be downloaded from today, January 19. The pricing of these kits is said to be around $4.99.

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For these items, which are cumulatively referred to as the ‘Simtimates Collection’, the developer has collaborated with a clothing brand named MeUndies. The two companies have joined hands to offer players a variety of styles that will feature a variety of fun prints that will work towards making a persona come across as vibrant and joyful. The pricing of different items, which range from bras to briefs, is different and should appeal to different sections of players. Some of the patterns closely resemble the patterns you find on clothing items that are put up for sale on the official website of MeUndies.

sims 4 new kit

Bathroom Clutter is the name of the second pack and features a variety of items including grandma’s dentures and interestingly designed wall decals. The promo images offer a plethora of options including combs, lotions, electric toothbrushes, hairdyer and spent toothpaste.

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While it remains to be seen how players react to this new DLC underwear, there is a good chance of it being appreciated by a large section. This kind of content, which has come out of collaborations with other companies, has mostly resulted in fans being happy. A while back, Maxis collaborated with a Sims custom content creator to put together acrylic nails for its Spa Day pack update. While players do not mind clutter in the Sims 4, they expect the content to be of the kind that adds some value to the game.

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