Minecraft Fans Might Soon Want to Play The Sims 5 – Here’s Why

Sims 5 rumors

Minecraft fans might be interested in The Sims 5 game because of the multiplayer buy-and-build mode.

While The Sims 5, which is being developed under the code name Project Rene, is far away from being ready for a release, the much-awaited game is discussed extensively in the gaming circles.

There is a lot of curiosity around it and players are busy guessing what it would offer them. Though Maxis has not offered much clarity on the game, there is a strong possibility of it including multiplayer options in it. Multiplayer buy-and-build mode could pave the way for new creations.

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The playtests and other footage pertaining to the game have given one a decent idea of a few elements that are being incorporated into it. One of the things that have been discussed extensively about The Sims 5 is its build features. Many fans believe that The Sims 5 would be a sharp departure from the earlier games in the franchise and would rob away the fun of playing it, especially for those who have been fans of the gaming franchise.

At the moment, one knows that there will be options that will enable Sims to inhabit apartments. While there has been a lot of chatter about The Sims 5 being an open-world game, there is no clarity on it yet. The Sims 4 was not an open-world game and that led to several fans not wanting to try it out. Despite featuring 12 expansion packs and several other interesting features, The Sims 4 received criticism for eliminating some of the major customization elements.

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As far as The Sims 5 is concerned, the confirmation of the multiplayer option has definitely contributed to raising the excitement for it. The Sims Mobile, in the meantime, offered players the build in-game connections. However, it did not give them the opportunity to create worlds on their own or by interacting with other players.

The multiplayer options are expected to enable players to collaborate on different building projects. This feature, in a lot of ways, could be similar to the kind you come across in Minecraft. Since Minecraft has often been described as one of the best building games ever, taking a leaf out of its book wouldn’t be a bad idea for the developers of The Sims 5.

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