Leak Confirms Next Nintendo Franchise That Will Feature New LEGO Sets

Nintendo switch super mario

Here’s finally some information for those who had been wanting to know which Nintendo franchise will get the next bunch of LEGO sets to be out in 2024!

The collaboration between Nintendo and LEGO has worked well for both brands. When you visit a LEGO store in any town or region, you can see a variety of Nintendo items including the Super Mario sets. The throwback Nintendo Entertainment System sets, too, remains highly in demand at these stores. While fans have expected LEGO to keep adding Nintendo items in its stores, the next thing this collaboration is bringing in could prove to be a pleasant surprise for fans.

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The Nintendo and LEGO partnership has resulted in the introduction of a large variety of sets, most of which have proved to be bestsellers. These come, which come in a plethora of shapes and designs, are an intrinsic part of the Super Mario Adventure series. Fans of the various popular Nintendo franchises have requested LEGO to bring them in various forms to its stores.

A new Nintendo franchise, as per a leaker called exabrickslegogo, will be receiving a bunch of LEGO sets. This would be the Animal Crossing franchise which has spawned a couple of games including the massively popular Animal Crossing: New Horizons which came out in the year 2020. The new Animal Crossing series, in collaboration with LEGO, is expected to be launched in March 2024.

It must be mentioned here that Animal Crossing will not be getting just a single LEGO set. As per the leak, there will be a complete series of sets, each of which will come with a different price tag. While the cheapest set would be offered at a price of $14.99, the most premium set would be priced at $74.99. The latter would feature as many as 535 pieces. When one analyses the pricing of these sets, one realizes that the Animal Crossing LEGO sets would be designed quite similarly to the Super Mario sets.

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There are several reasons why Animal Crossing has been picked as the next franchise for the collaboration between Nintendo and LEGO. Apart from being a hugely popular franchise, it will also cater to LEGO’s target consumer base which largely comprises younger people. Nintendo, after a lot of brainstorming, would have figured out that Animal Crossing would be its best bet today commercially.

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