GTA Online Summer Update 2024: Rockstar Games Shares Confirmation

GTA Online Update

Along with a bunch of interesting content pieces, this update is bringing several exciting perks for GTA+ members.

The upcoming GTA Online Summer Update 2024 is being keenly looked forward to by fans. Now, Rockstar Games has finally confirmed it. Recently, the gaming studio, through a newswire post, discussed some of the benefits a gamer will receive by becoming a GTA+ member.

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Towards the end of the post, Rockstar Games teased a ‘big GTA Online update’ that is scheduled to arrive sometime in the summer. As per the confirmation made by the gaming studio, this update will mark the arrival of a new vehicle in the game.

The new newswire, carrying the announcement of GTA Online Summer Update 2024, was shared by Rockstar Games on X. When you go through the newswire post, you will get to know about all the new things that have been announced and will be made accessible to GTA+ members. Those who have subscribed to GTA+ will now get access to Red Dead Redemption for free. Two of the many games that will be made available in the Plus library are L.A. Noire and Bully.

As per the information shared by developers, a few more classic titles owned by Rockstar Games will become accessible to subscribers soon. A new Vehicle Workshop, too, has been announced which will be made a part of The Vinewood Club Garage in the next few months. There will also be an opportunity to get a new members-only in-game application that would make the perks and benefits much more accessible to the members.

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This seems to be a very good time to be a GTA+ member as the gaming studio is in a generous mood. Till August this year, Rockstar Games would be giving out $1000, 000 to all Plus members every single month.

The most exciting part of the aforementioned newswire post, of course, is the confirmation of the GTA Online Summer Update 2024 which everybody is looking forward to. Though Rockstar has not given any clarity on when this update will be rolled out, fans can expect it to be out sometime between June and August.

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