The Sims 4 Update: New Free Update Introduces Character Customization Features

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This Sims 4 update brings in the kind of content that would contribute towards making the game more diverse!

New The Sims 4 update will bring in strong customization features featuring new colors and hairstyles. When the game was released a decade ago, one came across a plethora of options in its Create-A-Sim character creator. While the players got a lot of options to choose from, they lamented about the lack of diversity in the game.

Since the player base of The Sims 4 had individuals coming from different backgrounds and cultures, players wanted the game to represent that as well. The team at The Sims 4 was quick to understand what players wanted and therefore, they have added several items and features over the years to make the game more diverse. Rolling out the Sims 4 update is another step in that direction.

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The players, with some support from the Sims modding community, have managed to experience realistic gameplay. They have been able to bring in their own customization options in the Sims 4 and that, in turn, has made Sims 4 appeal to a larger section of players. These customization options have also played an important role in making the game more diverse. That being said, these options have largely been accessible to PC players.

Those who have been playing the game on consoles have missed out on experiencing all this. This is one of the reasons why base game updates of this nature are extremely significant. Through these updates, the development team tries to ensure that players trying out the game on any device have access to all the features and options.

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Recently, Electronic Arts made a formal announcement about its partnership with Dark & Lovely and Diversity, Equity, and Danielle “Ebonix” Udogaranya, an Inclusion advocate, to bring in certain elements that would make the game a lot more diverse. This partnership will result in the introduction of 24 new colors and two hairstyles in the game. This is one of the many things that the Sims 4 update will be bringing to the fore.

Ebonix has been a Sims custom content creator for a long time and has put together a wide range of Black hairstyles that everybody can try out. Since the year 2015, they have been making customized content for the game. Among other things, she was responsible for introducing new nails in the game via The Sims 4 Spa Day game pack.

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