Xbox April Update Allows You to Set Active Hours For Instant Access

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Xbox April update is rolling out at a rapid pace to all consoles across the globe.

As with every update, Microsoft brings in a bunch of features that make life easier and allows gamers to be on the edge, ready to play their favorite games any time.

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With additions like the ability to keep all your favorite games always updated, change the order of downloads and even get new suggestions from Game Pass, there is always something surprising to do on your Xbox Series X or Series S console. Compared to other popular consoles like the Nintendo Switch or PlayStation 5, Xbox works more like a PC with plenty of options to customize your overall experience. It is also an amazing media box to own.

New search

Bringing in new features

The Xbox April update which is possibly rolling out by now or in a week’s time to gamers across the globe will bring in plenty of new features including active hours. Once the update is installed, head to settings, general and power options in which you can choose to keep your console switched during your favorite time slots.

For people working or going to college, if you are possibly going to gaming for sure at 6 pm in the evening or in the night, let the console know the same. It will automatically switch it on and keep things ready so that you don’t have to fumble. Just grab the controller and you will be ready to play immediately.

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By default, active hours is set for an entire day but you can choose to reduce it to specific hours to save power. The sleep option will automatically be triggered when not in use but your Xbox can instantly reboot when needed. According to Microsoft, it consumes just 0.5 watts when in sleep mode.

Xbox April update also includes an improved search feature with a sleek user interface allowing you to easily move between results with shoulder buttons and a search on YouTube option if you are looking for specific movies, or videos to watch there.

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