GTA Online: Unlimited RP Bug Enables Players To Move To Higher Ranks Easily

GTA Online Update

GTA Online is one game where ranking up is not very easy but the unlimited RP bug seems to be helping players in that regard!

In Grand Theft Auto Online, ranking up is a little difficult, even for players who are at higher levels. At lower levels, the game is known for increasing your ranking automatically but the process becomes very slow after a point. Recently, a YouTuber, who goes by the name LaazrGaming, stumbled upon a bug that gives players the opportunity to farm unlimited RP and move to higher ranks in the game.

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There is a particular reason behind this glitch turning out to be beneficial for players. The glitch benefits from the RP reward and increased money that has been provided by Rockstar Games through its recent weekly update.

This glitch gives the player the opportunity to make a good amount of money in the game. The YouTuber has confirmed that gamers playing GTA Online on any platform can exploit this glitch. At this moment, the game is available on all leading platforms like Xbox One, Xbox Series XIS, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC.

How much a player benefits from a glitch depends on how well they manage to execute it. To execute this particular glitch, more than one player need to participate in it. After the launch of the new weekly update, the gaming publisher is offering double money and RP to players for all Deadline Adversary modes. The YouTuber has made it clear that players are required to bookmark all Deadline Adversary modes and must fulfill the minimum player requirement (two players) to get something out of this glitch.

The YouTuber has also explained the process of exploiting this glitch. The process is quite simple and easy to understand even for those who have just started playing GTA Online. The player must remember not to skip any step.

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First, one has to go to the pause menu. After that, you have to open the online tab. Here, you need to go to Jobs and then, click on Select Jobs. The next step involves clicking on the Rockstar Created option and then, going to the Adversary Mode. After this, players would be required to bookmark the Deadline IV, Deadline VI, and Deadline VII missions. Choose any mission, launch it and then, get a friend invited to the lobby.

The player must make it a point to ensure that only one player joins the lobby. Before launching any mission, the player must check the settings and figure out whether everything is set correctly. Once the settings have been taken care of, you can launch the mission.

As far as payouts in Adversary Modes are concerned, the amount of wealth you manage to accumulate depends on the kind of time you give to the mission. The more time you spend on the mission, the more will be the amount of money you will be making out of it.

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